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If your printer is in the “sleep mode” and did not receive any work for an extended period, then your printer goes into the “Deep sleep mode” automatically, and your printer’s LCD will show “Deep Sleep.” Deep sleep mode reduces more power consumption than sleep mode.

  • Why is my brother printer on deep sleep mode?

The Brother printer receives PC data or makes a copy then the sleep mode timer is automatically reset. When the Brother printer is in the sleep mode, then you will see the sleep on the screen of the LCD. After this, if you try to copy or print in sleep mode, then there will be a short dissuade while the fused arm reaches the working temperature.

Today, we are going to get out of the deep sleep mode of some best-selling Brother printer.

  • How do I get my Brother MFC I2700dw printer out of the deep sleep mode?

  1. First, push the menu button of the printer.
  2. Then push the UP or DOWN arrow to show the general setup on the screen. Then press the general setup.
  3. In general, push the UP OR DOWN arrow so that the ecology will display on the screen and then push the ecology that shows on screen. After this, press the sleep time on LCD’s screen.
  4. Now, using the dial pad on the touch screen, write the length of time from 0-90 minutes, then the machine will remain idle before entering the sleep mode. Then press stop or exit. Then the deep sleep mode in Brother MFC I2700 printer will turn off.
  • How can I disable the sleep mode of Brother 4150 CDN?

  1. To cancel the deep sleep mode, go to the general setup, and then press on it.

  2. After this a word, ‘Ecology’ will show then tap on the ecology.

  3. Then it will show you SLEEP TIME, then press on it, and when the sleep time is the display, push down the arrow button and cancel it simultaneously.

  4. By toggle the on/off keys, press DEEP SLEEP, and press OK to save deep sleep mode off.

  5. After saving the deep sleep mode, you will disable, instill you are getting this problem, and then call the service.

  • Disabling Brother HL-2170W sleep mode.

  1. First, go to the printer’s system setting and press the ‘Printer’ option.
  2. Then right-click on the printer and enable the function, ‘Use Printer Online ‘.
  3. And cancel all printing jobs till that the moment and rest the process. Due to a job stuck issue, sometimes the ‘Printer Offline’ message occurs.
  4. Then, check all functions and network connections. Make sure that the network interfaces are working properly
  5. To see the device working correctly, turn the printer off (it needs to shut off/restart Brother printer). Then switch on the printer. Now the deep sleep mode is disabled.


  • Disabling deep sleep mode of Brother MFC – J4620DW LAN.

  1. First, go ton the general setup then tap OK.
  2. After tapping the OK, you will find an ecology button then press on that button.
  3. Then, you will see SLEEP! TIME then press OK on it. 
  4. When sleep time is display on your LCD screen, push down the ARROW! BUTTON and CANCEL and START at the same time.
  5. Then press on DEEP SLEEP on/off toggle by arrow keys.
  6. Press OK to save DEEP SLEEP OFF, then the deep sleep mode is disabled.
  • How to wake up Brother printer from a deep sleep?
  1. Firstly, you have to go to the main menu and steer to the “General Setup” option.
  2. Now, go to the ‘Ecology, ‘section and press the ‘Sleep Time’s option.
  3. In the given spaces, enter the time when your machine will stay idle to go in the deep sleep mode (choose the number between 0 and 90).
  4. To disable the sleep mode of your brother machine first, you need to tap “start” and “Options” keys at the same time.  On your LCD’s screen, a message shows, “Sleep Mode On,” press the “UP” or “DOWN” ARROW KEYS to disable.
  5. In the end, tap the “OK” button, followed by STOP or EXIT.
  6. At the last, wait for a few minutes and restart your brother printer.
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