Brother printer wifi setup

How do I connect my brother printer to wifi? Brother printer wifi setup.

This article is about how do I connect the my Brother printer to WiFi? You will find simple, easy, and detailed steps that assist in Brother Printer wifi setup. Try not to avoid any actions and follow them correctly: 
Before starting these steps for connecting your Brother printer to Wi-Fi, you should know these two things of your network: 
First is network name (SSID), 
and the second one is the security key of the network.
You can get this information on the backside of your Wi-Fi router. Look at the documentation given by the Wi-Fi router and access point.
Hint: Starting network name might be model or manufacturer name. You can also call the Brother Printer Support at +1-850-250-3133.
Wi-Fi Setup Steps for Brother Printer from Printer`s Control Panel.
Note: attempted to connect the Wi-Fi earlier, then firstly, you must reset the wireless connection.
  • First, connect your printer with the AC power cord, then connect the power cord to electricity.
  • Now open the Control Panel on your Brother Printer to set up wireless.
  • Now press the Menu button.
  • Then choose Network settings or wireless/WLAN setup. ( to choose please use up or down arrow key)
  • Now choose the setup wizard, Press-up & down button, then press OK after selecting the Setup Wizard.
  • Enable the 
  • WLAN Network when Local Area Network Enables. After this, your wireless setup wizard starts.
  • Now let your Printer search for the Wi-Fi network & display the explored available networks.
  • Now, at last, you have to choose your SSID, then press OK and type your SSID key.
Here`s your done.
Now, we will tell you how to reset the Wi-Fi connection on the brother printer. Guide to reset the Wi-Fi connection on printer. Resetting Wi-Fi connection will help you when you have tried to connect your printer to the wireless network earlier. 
Here are some steps to reset your Brother printer:
  • Power on your Brother printer.
  • Next, press the menu button on the control panel.
  • Then press Network Reset and press OK after that.
  • Now, press reset and then press yes.
Brother Printer not Connecting to Wi-Fi.
If you are still getting problems in 
Then Try this :
  • Off your printer and Router for 40 Seconds, then power on back the both.
  • Now, off the wireless on the brother printer and then turn it on back.
  • After this, try again to connect your Brother machine to wireless now.
This will help you in brother printer wifi setup, if have any malfunction in your brother number then there are our phone numbers in our website.  You can call on that.