How do I connect my brother printer to my mac

How do I connect my brother printer to my mac ?

If your question is ” how do i connect my brother printer to my mac” then you are on right place. We hope you will get your answers here.

As a Beginner, it is tough to connect the Brother printer to Mac. But we tried to give you smooth and step by step tutorial. It would be best if you had your SSID and network key further so, keep it handy. Therefore, here is an easy guide to connecting the Brother printer to Mac.

  1. If you are using a Windows computer, tap on the Start button, and search Windows for the keyword “Brother.” Click on the name or model number of your printer. Select the Control Center option to open the Control Center window.
  2. Click on the Configuration option and select Scan and File options. The Scan To File Configuration window will display. Select the scan format, destination folder, and customize other settings such as resolution, brightness, contrast, etc.
  3. If you are using a Mac, open the System Preference window. Select your printer from the Print & Scan option. Open the utility tab and click on the Control Center application.
  4. Navigate to the Software Button tab and select the Scan To File option. Set the scan type and select the destination folder. Click Ok to continue.
  5. Load the document that you wish to scan into the Brother printer. Tap on the Scan button on the printer’s control panel and select Scan To PC option. Choose the File option and click on Start Black or Start Color to begin scanning the document.

Brother printer not connecting to my Mac.

well it’s a rare case, only few users fell this kind of issue . If you want get free from this problem then try to follow these steps.

  • Go to left corner and tap on the apple menu.
  • Now go to the system and preferences option.
  • Click on printers and scanners option.
  • Hold the command key
  • Select reset printing system
  • List of printers and scanner will go empty now. Because resets it.
  • Now try to add your brother printer again.

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